The IAPL team was pro-active. They knew what they were saying. Initially we were not very confident of dealing with India. We have started with a branch office and testing our products in Indian market.


We are happy with the stage wise approach advised by IAPL.

Hugo Martin | software developer

We are good in technology. We knew our product. Finance and accounts was something which got us worried. The start-up kit of IAPL Consulting was really amazing. It ensured, our focus remained on what we knew best to do and leave this part to IAPL. 


Mahesh & Manish have been very professional in hand-holding us.  

Ankur Kapadia | Owner, Startup

We had our own typical problem. Doing same business for last 20 years, we could not see what now looks obvious. IAPL's team did in-depth studies of our processes and came out with solutions which still are getting implemented but we could see the benefit in 1st quarter itself. It was as if we were just wasting money earlier.


Now we have much better systems & processes in place. Business is smoother. I am able to go home a bit early and spend time with family more. 

Amit Garg | Director

We had the problem of managing orders. Order quantity was small and we still took 9-10 days to fulfil the order. We were losing sales as we could not turn around the client more often. We were losing money as we were keeping more than necessary stock.


With IAPL's help, our order management system is much better. They have gone to both ends - the supplier as well as the customer to ensure that we now complete orders in time & rotate working capital faster. 

Inderjeet Arora | Owner